Using Manipulatives

The use of manipulatives in teaching mathematics has a long tradition and solid research history. Manipulatives not only allow students to construct their own cognitive models for abstract mathematical ideas and processes, they also provide a common language with which to communicate these models to the teacher and other students. In addition to the ability of manipulatives to aid directly in the cognitive process, manipulatives have the additional advantage of engaging students and increasing both interest in and enjoyment of mathematics. Students who are presented with the opportunity to use manipulatives report that they are more interested in mathematics.

WETSA is delighted to have engaged Kulsoom Sheikh to deliver two new training courses, one for classroom teaching assistants (often neglected in terms of their CPLD) and a second one for maths subject leaders which will take the form of a "Train the Trainers" course so that they can go back to their schools and train colleagues.  Kulsoom has delivered similar programmes for Matrix Maths Hub.

For more information, look at the flyers on our Using Manipulatives page on the CPLD menu.