Take part in a National Research & Development Project

This theme looks at how professional development can ensure quality experiences for pupils across the system. Questions raised at the events included how the system can ensure there is reciprocal learning in teacher-to-teacher support, and how to build capacity for Joint Practice Development (JPD) within and between schools. It connects closely with existing research that is under way across five Teaching School Alliances with a team from the University of Sussex exploring Joint Practice Development. 

The national research and development network coordinated by the National College and involving universities as schools’ strategic partners, seeks to:

  • Support teaching school alliances to engage in research and development activities, working both with their individual HEI partners and in regional and national networks
  • Provide opportunities for training, sharing expertise and wider dissemination of ‘what works’
  • Provide a forum for networking between teaching school leaders and teachers, so they can learn from and with each other.

Read more about one of our recent projects - Improving Independent Learning through Joint Practice Development - view the case study and poster template.

Read a summary of further R&D work within our Alliance and about the activites of one of our working groups

Test and Learn Scheme: ‘Closing The Gap’

Test and Learn is a new scheme from the National College of Teaching and Leadership providing grants for schools and teachers to get involved in rigorous research. The goal is to help improve the evidence-base for what works in closing the attainment gap (CTG) for disadvantaged pupils and also to stimulate robust research and development in schools.

The scheme should also strengthen relationships between schools and higher education institutions.

View one of the 'Closing the Gap' trials within the West Essex Teaching School Alliance