What our recent trainees have said....

‘My trainee year was challenging but I loved every second of it.  Being in school from the very beginning really gives you an advantage in terms of meeting your classes and understanding the school routine.  From an academic point of view, having all of the resources online in Hibernia's VLE meant that I could fit the online modules around my lessons and planning, instead of actually having to go into a university to do it. 

Being able to meet other trainees once a week at Davenant was a great opportunity to share resources and discuss what you had learnt, so we were always bettering ourselves and our teaching’. 
- Andrew, School Direct 2014/15

 ‘Your teacher training year is challenging and you learn a lot about yourself through the experience. Hibernia was very supportive of my needs and my pathway tutor was an exceptional role model for me, who provided a plethora of knowledge and strategies to help me. It was also beneficial to go to Davenant once a week, so I could catch up with other trainees on the course and share experiences’: Daniella, School Direct 2013/14

'Both Hibernia and Davenant school were highly supportive of me during my training and gave me access to excellent subject knowledge development days. Not only that, the course provided rich opportunities to learn from and engage with highly experienced teachers. Their input was vital to learning quickly on the job and developing confidence as a classroom practitioner’.
- Nancy, School Direct 2013/14

'I found being in the school setting from day one really benefitted my progress. Being able to watch experienced members of staff enabled me to implement good practice into my lessons right away. Also, having the large support network including my school, my in school mentor, the hub school (Davenant) and the external tutors made the whole experience less stressful. I felt like I had a huge amount of support from a number of different places’. 
- Danielle, School Direct 2013/14

“The School Direct path into teaching really gives you the opportunity to build relationships and fully immerse yourself in school life. Whilst you build up your timetable gradually you are still able to experience extra -curricular opportunities, pastoral responsibilities and observations of experienced members of staff. The online element of the course meant that studying for QTS and the PGCE was flexible and always available.”
Dorothy - 2014/15

“ As  a School Direct trainee at Davenant Foundation School, I had so much support from my mentor, colleagues and other trainees. I learnt an incredible amount about how children learn, and how to be reflective of my own practice. The blended learning course is a route that I would recommend to anyone that would like to train as a teacher, as it gives you the flexibility to work at your own pace and timing. The resources and opportunities on offer, such as experience in a special school, are incredibly valuable and hard to find in traditional teacher training routes.

I am able to put my learning from last year into practice every day as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT). I can refer back to professional studies sessions for tips and guidance, and still ask advice from colleagues and friends that I have made.

It was a difficult year, but well worth the hard work!”
Charlotte - School Direct 2014/15