West Essex TSA

Primary Maths Subject Knowledge Enhancement

This CPD is aimed at

  • teachers with gaps in their mathematical subject knowledge
  • maths leaders who support teachers with their mathematical pedagogy.

Four TWILIGHTS 4:00 to 5:30pm:

4/02/19; 4/03/19; 4/04/19; 7/05/19

Alderton Junior School

Loughton IG10 3HE

Focused workshops will enhance mathematical subject knowledge in topics that commonly reveal gaps: place value, multiplicative reasoning, fractions and algebra. The workshops will also offer bespoke elements dependent on participants’ gaps. There will be themes of mastery, reasoning and mathematical discourse running throughout the programme.

The Workgroup Leads are Maths SLEs Angela Cass and Katie Cockerell: As well as offering workshop and remote support, they will offer participants in-school support with their gaps and mathematical teaching. 

** This CPD is FREE to attend and all activities are fully funded, but limited spaces remain.**

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